Divergent Paths

Super psyched to get to paint these characters for Wyrd's divergent paths event! As the players choose how these guys evolve, I'll paint their updates :D

Process for Wife of Abel

Got the awesome opportunity to illustrate The Wife of Abel Grace by Margaret Jameson. Thanks as always to Dani Hedlund for all her help!

 Thanks to my in-laws and nephew and niece for all their help with reference shots!

Thanks to my in-laws and nephew and niece for all their help with reference shots!

Process for the Crows

Got to illustrate Daniel Knowlton's The Passing of Mr. and Mrs. Crow. Had a ton of fun with this one! Thanks to Dani Hedlund for all her help. 

Court of Shadows Cover

This was such a fun project! Brent Evans gave me the awesome opportunity to design the cover for Shadowrun's Court of Shadows book. Instead of the normal Shadowrun cyberpunk setting, this game is set in a dark, dangerous world ruled by the Seelie court. 

Here are my thumbnails for the project! Brent and the team liked the pose from #3 and the beckoning motion from #1, so we went with a combination of the two. 

Show up at Joseloff Gallery

Just finished hanging a show at Joseloff Gallery at the Hartford Art School. I'm so psyched to be in a show with so many amazing artists! The show will be up until July 22nd.

Spectrum 23

Super psyched to have my piece Comfort accepted into Spectrum 23!

New piece all finished up!

F(r)iction 3 peices!

My copy of F(r)iction 3 just arrived today! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to illustrate short stories by both Scott O'Connor AND Ilana Masad! This month's color theme was purple. A million thanks to the always awesome Hugh Hartigan for his art direction!