One of my first jobs at Wyrd was to design some bases for all their beautiful minis to sit on. Just saw today that the bases have been announced, so I thought it would be cool to share some of the rough sketches! 

asian ruins.jpg

Bayou Bash Minis!

Some of the minis for Bayou Bash have come in! I can't share the paintings the sculptures are based on yet, but I got permission to show the initial sketches :D. The Wyrd sculptors are amazing! It's so exciting to be able to see my 2D work in 3 dimensions! 

Divergent paths characters

Some of the characters I drew up for the divergent paths  campaign are released! The 'before' is at the start of the campaign, the 'after' is after the players decided their stories.

February Chronicles

Check out my cover for this month's Wyrd Chronicle's over at driverthrurpg! There's a coloring book page too, and some of my art scattered throughout the issue :D

Imagine FX

I'm super excited to have a workshop in Imagine FX this month! I talk a bit about the creation of Fairy Queen and all the considerations that went on behind the making of the picture. I've always loved Imagine FX, and I'm just over the moon at having my art in it!!!


New pic done!

Inspired by this pic of my grandma:

 How cool is my grandma??

How cool is my grandma??

 Process gif

Process gif